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"Managing your real-time divided by your personal time will subtract your dreams to zero if you can’t multitask between your present life and responsibilities divided by your experience and available resources in a specific oriented system that is tailored to your dream.


With hundreds of videos online and millions of combined views, I am proud to say that I have poured all my knowledge and acquired wisdom in a digestible format covering everything from confidence (R-rated Mantra) to Motivation videos specifically for musicians." 

"In addition to investing in humanity thru my motivational video work, I am also a multiplatform artist specializing in music creation and production. As an art director and image branding specialist who has honed his skill working with Ubisoft, Canon Canada, Musicvox, Morley Pedals and various other  mega brands.

 With my life partner Crila, have an  audio/visual content production house ( which has branded  top artists and companies to very successful results.

"People think I live a crazy life, although I am eccentric on the outside my values are pretty old school but applied in a new school way. For instance, I have been in an amazing relationship with my life partner Crila for over 37 years. 

Thank you for visiting my piece of the internet and 

thanks to all the amazing people who have helped me and participated in this real time experiment for the good. And all the Amazing animals that I cross path with who are truly the purest spirits I’ve met.

Love Momo xoxoxox "

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