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All three members of ONE of ONE had absolutely no plans WHATSOEVER to form a band, coming from a perspective of been there done pretty much all that. They never could have guessed that intense late night Internet conversations "based on anything but music" over the summer of 2021, would inspire the two bass players, Momo aka Michel Laredo And Scott White to form a bass only instrumental EXPERIMENTAL collective. The ensuing jams would prove so enigmatic  that they  drew in singer songwriter photographer Crila who' s main focus at the moment was on her work as a visual artist.  

The combo of Scott's and Momo's interweaving bass grooves and riffs with Crila's vocals, sometimes spoken sometimes sung, creates a STRIKINGLY unique futuristic universe that suits them perfectly. Describing the project, they would say : " We' re like the band that would play in a bar scene from one of the MATRIX movies."


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The first single is called :

 THE WITNESS and drops  Dec  2021.

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